Demand Products Inc. is the North American Exclusive Distributor for Cutlas Series Foam Cutting Machines

Demand’s Cutlas™ CNC Foam Cutter Series – Oscillating Blade, Fastwire, Band Saw, Convoluter, Splitter and Skiver Machines incorporate exceptional engineering designs that provides for smooth, fast and efficient processing of flexible and ridged foam blocks.  If you process Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Cross Linked Polyethylene, PVC, Foamglas, Phenolic, Rockwool or Polyisocyanurate foam, Demand has a foam cutter for  you.

Leading the series is the HK-5 Dual Oscillating Blade foam cutter, this machine requires only one operator that easily handles the job of both a vertical and horizontal machine–on one compact platform.

Operators all over the world appreciate the ease and usability of the Cutlas™ Cad Software©. Most existing files can be easily and quickly converted to DXF files making them suitable for processing foam blocks in your Cutlas™. Our System Cut Check™ will monitor and correct the load on the servo motors by checking for phase errors. The program will be automatically corrected adding life to the motors and increasing blade life.

Demand Products, with over 30 years in business provides sales, service, and technical support for all Cutlas™ Foam Cutting Machines.

Our focus is to provide high quality equipment at affordable prices.   All machines are warranted for one (1) year and supported by Demand Products, Inc.