Oscillating Contour Cutter Replacement Blades:
Blade Selection Guide

Demand manufactures blades cut to length and can also provide cutting blades for other brands of machine.



Standard Blades come with small notches at 13TPI (13 teeth per inch). Blade material is Carbon Steel, Hardened and Tempered. Size 0.6mm x 3.0mm.


CNC Blade - FINE

Fine Blades come with a fine tooth form, teeth are 24TPI (24 teeth per inch). Blade material is Carbon Steel. Size 0.6mm x 3.0mm.



Coarse Blades come with a very aggressive tooth profile, teeth are 14TPI (14 teeth per inch). Blade material is Carbon Steel. Size 0.6mm x 3.0mm.

The different blade profiles will produce different results according to the type of flexible foam being cut. We therefore encourage users to test the different blade types in their particular foams to identify which blade type best suits their own production needs.

Ordering Information

Blade Quote Form

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Please provide the following blade information when ordering or requesting a quote:

Number of blades needed?
Material being cut?
Special cutting material information?
Special cutting request/information?
Length of blade?
Width of blade?
Thickness of blade if known?
Type of blade?
How many TPI, (teeth per inch)?
Any special teeth request/configuration?
Current supplier/manufacturer if known?
Approximate blade usage per month?

*Ask about quantity price breaks