What can I cut?

With the Cutlas range a wide variety of Flexible and Rigid foams can be cut.

What can’t I cut?

Some materials require different cutting techniques.
Cutting can be simple once you know how.
Consult one of our technicians for more information.

How fast does each machine cut?

Speed is only limited by the cutting technology you are using.
A wider blade on a slicing machine can cut straight very fast. However detailed cut are not possible.
CNC cutters have the ability to produce detailed shapes. Speed is only offset by the size and detail.

What kind of software?

CNC cutters all work with 2d AutoCAD drawings.
Many other formats can be converted as well.
Let us know what format you have or send us a drawing you are having problems with.
Our trained technicians can help you.

What happens if my machine breaks down?

Give us a call or send an email. We have technicians available to troubleshoot your machine.

What are the power requirements?

Most CNC machines are 380v all other machines range from 220v-480v.
Please contact us for specific machine information/details.

How much space do I need (footprint)?

Most of our CNC machines need around 16 ½ feet x 10 ½ feet of floor space.
Please ask for details on each specific machine.

How big of a block can I cut?

Our machines are designed to handle standard block sizes (48”x110”) with clearance.

How small of a block can I cut?

Depending on the material and shape size we would recommend between 3/8” to ¾” clearance around the shape to be cut.
Smaller material stock may require some blocking.

Where can I get my foam blocks?

Please contact us for details. We will try our best to put you in contact with local suppliers and foam manufacture associations.

Does the price include everything I need to start cutting my foam?

Most quoted packages will have a turnkey price. Freight and install may apply.
Local taxes or fees will apply.

Can I finance?

We do work closely with a number of finance companies that are familiar with the machinery you are interested in.
Please contact us for more details.

Do you sell used equipment?

We do not resell used equipment.
However check in with us as we do have some customers that are looking to upgrade or change machine models.
We will defiantly help where we can.

After my deposit, how long until it ships?

Most machines are ready to ship within 4-12 weeks, sometimes even sooner!
Please check with one of our sales team for more details.

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located just minutes north of Atlanta Georgia.
Can I come see on cut my foam?
Absolutely – contact us today to schedule a demo!

Will you cut my shape?

Yes we will. We will cut any demo shape for you.
We recommend you send us some of your material and drawings for exact results.
Please keep in mind we are not a converter and do dot resell cut shapes.

Do you stock parts for my machine?

Yes –we stock many consumable parts for you machines.